i love love love my vegan life.

i have been happily vegan since 2007. i can honestly say i will never purposely eat animal again. originally i started the vegan diet for health reasons (IBS) but have become more and more compassionate over the years. although i eat many fruits, veggies and grains… i still do not consider myself “healthy”. i consume entirely too much sugar. my portions are out of control. and i do not exercise regularly enough. maybe posting an online diary of my daily meals will keep me from inhaling an entire package of newman o’s within a day.

my personal goals with this blog:

  • try new foods or try foods i didn’t like in the past (i’m super picky)
  • kick the sugar addiction (goodbye acne!)
  • get experience with food photography
  • lose weight
  • give some insight on what a vegan eats

i will be posting every morsel i eat on a daily basis, photos of things i eat, links to recipes online (or books you can purchase) and any other vital vegan information i feel like discussing. this blog is more for me than anyone else, but i hope it can be inspiring and helpful to others as well! :o)


One thought on “i love love love my vegan life.

  1. I only had seconds to browse through so far, but I wanted to read the beginning. You and I are SO MUCH ALIKE!

    Picky eater
    IBS (I have Chron’s disease. Similar)
    I eat too much crap
    exercise is something I long for
    I saw something about Lush. I used to live off the smell of my rock star soap.
    I am sure there are more things…. 🙂

    I have this blog bookmarked. It looks great!

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