february 27, 2011


  • yogi skin detox tea
  • large dunkin donuts coffee (black with extra sugar)

i was on my way to the weekly pug meetup, and i have no willpower when i pass a dunkin donuts on SUNDAYS. there is something about sunday morning and coffee. i just can’t quit it. i had no intentions of drinking coffee this morning until i left the house! no more coffee until next sunday! i want to cut it down to once a week….


  • peanut butter waffles with REAL maple syrup
  • gimme lean sausage
sunday brunch!

peanut butter waffles are a sunday tradition for me and my grandmother. when i moved in with her, she advised me that sunday was pancake day because that is what her & my grandfather had for lunch every sunday. i’m not the best pancake maker, so i pulled out my waffle iron, and she was thrilled. every sunday we have waffles. around the holidays i made pumpkin waffles with cranberry dressing. but most sundays she prefers the peanut butter waffles! i got the recipe from vegan brunch by isa chandra moskowitz.


miyagi those are MOMMY'S waffles!

oh and my REAL maple syrup comment… i pay $8 a bottle for actual syrup. have you ever read the ingredients on aunt jemima or mrs butterworth? well? read them. you’ll never use those “syrups” again. i have a rule that if i can’t pronounce an ingredient, i don’t eat it. :O/



  • chick-un salad salad
  • carrot fries
chick-un salad salad

chick-un salad:

  • 4 gardein seven grain crispy tenders, cooked & chopped up and mixed with the following:
  • seedless red grapes
  • vegenaise
  • slivered almonds

i put the chick-un salad over romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper strips, cucumber with “honey” mustard dressing. (my “honey” is agave nectar). chick-un salad also goes great between two slices of pumpernickel bread…. i felt like a gigantic salad tonight! ;o)

carrot fries

carrot fries recipe:

  • wash/peel/cut into matchsticks.
  • toss in safflower oil
  • sprinkle with seasoning
  • bake @ 400 for 45 minutes or till crispy.


i didn’t do too much in the exercise department today. i walked to the corner store for the paper (which i do EVERY morning) it’s at a pretty steep incline so i walk downhill and then uphill! i also walked miyagi a few blocks, did some vacuuming and mopping. so light household chores today. i’ll be back at yoga tomorrow! om!!!

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