march 03, 2011


biscuits & gravy

  • banana (i shared a bite with miyagi)
  • biscuits and gravy

remember the cheesy biscuits i made last night? i used those for my biscuits & gravy breakfast! i whipped up a quick, easy gravy. i used 1/2 a stick of earth balance, 1/2 yellow onion, few tablespoons of flour, water w/ better than bouillon, unsweetened rice milk, salt, pepper and sage. normally i would have added gimme lean sausage, but i’m out. 😦 i topped them with some more daiya cheddar. πŸ™‚


grilled cheese & veggie soup

  • leftover veggie soup
  • grilled daiya “cheese” sandwich


meatloaf with roasted brussels sprouts & butternut squash

  • field roast “meatloaf” – field grains
  • roasted brussels sprouts & butternut squash

normally i would make a homemade loaf, but grams and i were out late today so i wasn’t able to make something from scratch. i love field grains products! they are exceptionally good. πŸ™‚


fresh juice!

  • fresh juice (apple, carrot, celery and ginger) i was at the mall with my grams and was getting her a frozen yogurt & realized this food court froyo place had FRESH JUICE! SCORE!!!! πŸ™‚


i’ll be heading out in another hour or so. i like to digest my dinner before i do cardio….otherwise i’ll feel sick. update: i didn’t make it to the gym. yes, i know…i’m a lazy bum.

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