march 04, 2011


i'm liking breakfast these days...


"turkey" salad on seedless rye

  • vegan “turkey” salad sandwich  with slice tomato





  • asian pear or apple pear
asian pears are my favorite!


i was feeling SUPER lazy this evening and did not feel like cooking dinner…(although i did make perogies for my grandmother – no not from scratch…)



yay! i went back to the gym this evening. i did 18 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill, hip abductor machine and another 10 minutes on the elliptical. i need to push through the cardio and workout for longer periods of time. (i loathe cardio – i always feel like i’m going to pass out… and this feeling goes well beyond my vegan years… i’ve ALWAYS hated cardio.)

my very vegan pug:

so i had to take miyagi to the vet today. he had more patches where hair was missing and scabs were present. (he’s had skin issues since he was a puppy… i am very use to this!) i expressed my concerns of malnutrition by feeding him a vegan diet…i’m worried about long term affects to his health. i don’t want to shorten his life because i chose the “wrong diet” for him. the vet said (surprisingly) that as long as his coat is shiny, weight is stable and demeanor stays the same….the vegan diet is just fine for him! 🙂 waggin my tail! and she didn’t prescribe antibiotics & benadryl (which normally they do). i just have to bathe him and let the medicated shampoo sit on the bad spots for 10 minutes. SCORE! so miyagi will stay vegan. i ordered some v-dog for him so when my mom comes to visit next week she won’t have to cook for him.


One thought on “march 04, 2011

  1. Yay, that’s such great news about Miyagi’s diet! Our vet seemed cool with it too, we just have to watch out for allergies. McGinty gets ear infections and a common cause is food allergies, so now we’re just avoiding soy with him, but our little guy loves seitan so it’s all good =)

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