march 06, 2011

so i want to lose weight. i desperately want my acne to go away and never return. i don’t want to worry about getting old and having 1,000,000 medications for the diseases that decide to show up. i started reading crazy sexy diet by kris carr last night. it moved me…just like the kind diet by alicia silverstone did. i *WANT* to eat better….i *NEED* to feel better. so i went food shopping today and got what i needed to go semi-raw this week.


  • a few bites of the tapioca pudding i made last night. super yummy! (ingredients: hemp milk, vanilla extract, agave nectar, chia seeds & cinnamon)


  • carrot / apple (fresh juice from mrs greens)
  • a few walnuts
i love me some carrot apple juice!


my very raw dinner!

  • stuffed red pepper with walnut pate (from raw for 1 0r 2 people – best raw cookbook i’ve found to date – super simple!!! don’t get me wrong, i love ani phyo’s books and i have most of them, but jennifer cornbleet’s book is SOOOO simple.)
stuffed bell pepper
  • spinach salad (spinach, carrots, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber with mustard dressing)
spinach salad


  • tapioca pudding (same stuff i had for breakfast!)
  • trail mix (raw)
  • take a hike trail mix









i was a little apprehensive before deciding to commit to a raw menu this week. (mainly because i will have to prepare a separate meal for my grandmother) i have a SUPER busy week ahead of me, preparing for my mom & aunt’s visit and my departure to california. tons of stuff to do around the house… so the last thing i need is extra work, but honestly, i think it will be worth it. i just wish i had room to pull out my dehydrator and juicer. unfortunately grandma’s kitchen does not have much counter space. 😦

i am in the market for a new blender… i’ve wanted a vitamix for so long, but the store i went to today only had red. (red is not my favorite color) i wasn’t going to pay $500 for something i don’t like to look at, so i took that as a sign that i need to wait…so i’ll refrain from the blender purchase until may…or hope that someone buys it for my birthday!! (may 14th for anyone wishing to send presents!) 😉

i think anyone that needs a little pep talk to kick them in gear as far as eating is concerned, should definitely read crazy sexy diet by kris carr or the kind diet by alicia silverstone. these books are life changing. you will never look at food the same way.


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