march 07, 2011


  • whole oatmeal (soaked oat groats, apple, cinnamon, water, agave syrup, soaked raisins, chia seeds and hemp milk) recipe can be found in the “raw for 1 or 2 people” cookbook by jennifer cornbleet. i modified it by adding chia seeds & hemp milk. 🙂
whole oatmeal

this is why i said i am going semi-raw this week. the hemp milk was not raw – came from whole foods. i have never ventured into making my own nut or rice milks. i honestly don’t have the time right now. my breakfast was delicious and tomorrow i’ll add more fruit to it. (i forgot to buy blueberries & bananas at the store yesterday!)


  • not meatballs with marinara sauce (all raw) from “raw for 1 or 2 people” cookbook by jennifer cornbleet.
not meatballs & marinara
  • mediterranean kale (same cookbook!) kale, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, pine nuts and lemon juice. i added sun dried tomatoes and avocado instead of olives.
kale salad


  • azuki beans with kabocha squash from the kind diet (the link actually brings you to this recipe!)
kabocha squash with azuki beans
i love this recipe!


i told you i was eating raw-ish not totally raw.





this is a macrobiotic meal from the kind diet. it is super healthy and really yummy too. i added carrots to the recipe to create some sweetness. 🙂




  • not peanut butter cookies (from the “raw for 1 or 2 people” cookbook by jennifer cornbleet) suuuuuuper yummy. i had one. they keep for a few weeks in the freezer but mine will be gone by saturday. 🙂

not cookies but nommmy!


i’m getting ready to head out to the gym right now. i plan on doing 60 minutes of cardio and some ab exercises. 🙂




3 thoughts on “march 07, 2011

  1. the not peanut butter cookies look really good! I’ve made my own rice and almond milk and the almond was really simple to make, takes only a few minutes!

  2. they are super yummy. i ate two more since i posted this. and, as i’m laying in my bed i’m thinking getting dressed and going to the gym doesn’t seem too appealing right now…i hate being lazy. :O/ i really don’t have time, space or energy to make my own milks. it’s bad enough i have to make dinner for miyagi, my grams and myself. 3 separate meals. and i’m preparing for my vacation next week. ahhhhhhhhh. so much to do.

  3. Steph, I made hemp milk before and it was SUPER easy I can give you a recipe out of my Thrive books. Brendan Brazier’s books were part of my life changing mentality on food, he’s pretty amazing.

    If you like the soaked oatmeal you HAVE to try the ones on the Oh She Glows blog. I never thought about it but there raw also (minus the milk).

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