march 09, 2011

so today was a very stressful / unproductive blogging day for me. i finally had my appointment with a dermatologist. my skin is a mess. so apparently lush’s products are great, but not great for my skin. many of the products use natural oils… oils that clog my already clogged pores. so i spent $100 on a glycolic peel/extractions…. $40 copay… $100 for moisturizer, face wash & face wipes. then went the pharmacy with three prescriptions at$35 a pop. fun stuff. also, i am biting the bullet and taking antibiotics for the next few months. terrible news for my pale skin….no tanning for me in april when i’m in florida. 😦 i’m NOT in a very good mood today. the dermatologist knows what she’s talking about though… i trust in the next 4 months my skin will clear up 85%…. if it doesn’t… she’s fired. i’ll continue to use lush soaps, hair products, lotions, and body care…but no more facial products for me. 😦 i will also continue my healthy eating kick… sweets should be a treat once in a while…not an every day meal like i use to make it. i will splurge in san francisco next week because, well it’s san francisco and the bay is VEGAN HEAVEN. true story. i think over the summer (my garden permitting) i’ll follow a raw(ish) diet. i can’t wait to get started on the garden! 🙂


  • banana (waited 45 minutes afterward to eat again)
  • whole oatmeal (leftovers) (soaked oat groats, cinnamon, apple, agave syrup, raisins)



  • leftover azuki beans with kabocha squash
  • 1/2 green pepper with sunflower pate
raw raw raw!
  • crispy kale (not raw because i used the oven, but it can be done in the dehydrator which would make it raw.) topped with olive oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast. i needed a special treat to indulge in to make up for my horrible day… crispy kale was my go to side dish! 🙂


  • two “not peanut butter cookies”

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