march 10, 2011


  • whole oatmeal (soaked oat groats, apple, raisins, cinnamon, agave nectar, hemp milk, banana)


  • carrot / apple juice from mrs. greens
  • macroburger
yummmmmmmy juice!

i was out running errands and got hungry for something not so raw for lunch… so i grabbed a juice and macroburger from mrs. greens since i was in the neighborhood. the macroburger has: organic brown rice, aduki beans, organic arame, carrot, onion, celery, toasted sesame oil, tamari and ginger. on whole grain bread with nayonaise, tomato & lettuce. it felt good to eat something on bread. it’s been a while! 😉










  • stuffed green pepper – sunflower pate
  • walnut pate over sliced tomatoes with avocado
sunflower pate in a green pepper


  • a few bites of trail mix “go take a hike”
  • rawvolution bar

i haven’t been going to the gym at all this week. i can’t beat myself up over it either… i have entirely too much to do. i wish i could crochet on the cardio machines, but i’m a klutz and will end up in a viral video on youtube if i even attempt to drink water while doing cardio. seriously.

i’ll be doing a lot of walking and hiking in northern california this coming week. i am super excited. so tomorrow (friday) and saturday might be kind of boring as far as photos and meals…. and definitely no recipes… but just wait for sunday through friday next week. i will be eating my way from san francisco to oakland to berkeley and back. i can’t wait. i love my vegan life!


One thought on “march 10, 2011

  1. I really need to experiment more with nuts. I made a very simple (and very un-raw) dish last night of roasted butternut squash with a toasted chopped walnut and nutritional yeast topping — so filling. I still have some walnuts left…I should make that pate…

    But mainly I’m commenting to tell you how much I hate you, and Stacey, and my girlfriend FOR GOING TO MILLENIUM WITHOUT ME!!! Bahhhhhhhh the GE cafeteria never has vegan soup!!!

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