march 11, 2011


  • whole oatmeal (leftover from yesterday!)

i had a lot to do to day and never got around to eating lunch! 😦 getting ready for vacation is stressful. and i was glued to cnn all morning watching the catastrophe unfold in japan. 😦 our landlord (the earth) is attempting to evict us. the earth hates us. my heart goes out to everyone in japan…i can not wrap my head around this…


tofu scramble









  • tofu scramble (fresh spinach, cheddar daiya, onions, gimme lean sausage, tumeric, salt & pepper)
  • lenders everything (thin style) bagel

i try to avoid soy as much as possible. i was trying to clean out the fridge before i leave for a week. and after a week of eating light, healthy and almost raw, i needed a warm hearty meal. tofu scramble is happily in my belly! πŸ™‚


  • “take a hike” raw trail mix (ate a few hand fulls throughout the day)

the house is clean. laundry is done. my suitcase is packed. i’m ready to leave for san francisco tomorrow. in other news…. the scale is down FIVE POUNDS today. see what eating raw can do? when i get home from san fran i think i’ll do another few weeks of raw-ish.


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