march 13, 2011 like i want to marry it and all of it’s delicious vegan yummy goodness. today was pure bliss in my belly.


  • banana (early morning)
  • tofu sausage scramble served with potatoes and rye toast
  • orange juice (and a few sips of a mimosa!)
  • coffee
tofu sausage scramble!

brunch at fellini’s was my saturday / sunday ritual (when i had off from work anyway!) i love their fresh squeezed oj, the delicious coffee and the variety of vegan scrambles & french toast. if you are ever in the berkeley area, you must try fellini’s. and tell the owner stephanie sent you! ;o)


  • two vegan donuts from whole foods (maple & crumb)
  • raw kale chips

lunch was just a few snacks since we had already had brunch pretty late in the morning. i enjoyed my snacks / “lunch” while walking around lake merritt with an old family friend. (i also had brunch & dinner with him as well!) 🙂 so i didn’t actually eat all of the donuts or kale chips. just nibbled.


22 ingredients in the rainbow salad. super yum!

  • rainbow salad
  • pumpkin tofu with kabocha squash
  • a few sips of a white sangria
SOOOOO delicious!

burma superstar is one of my favorite east bay restaurants. it isn’t totally vegan, which makes it great for non-vegan friends and relatives. the food is UH-MAZING. trust me. if you don’t trust me, read the reviews on yelp. you MUST try this place if you are ever in oakland or alameda.

i’m not kidding when i say i left my heart in the bay area. i feel so spoiled. i’m trying really hard to behave and eat small portions… and not have too much junk, but i am on vacation. and i’m walking around a lot these next few days.  🙂


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