march 14, 2011


  • mahalo bar
not really breakfast...but it's my FAVORITE chocolate bar!


we had lunch at saturn cafe before hitting up my favorite thrift store, thrift town. saturn cafe originated in santa cruz, but opened shop in berkeley…and has added more vegan options since opening due to the

peanut butter shake. nom nom nommmmmmy!

high demand and vegan competition in the area. the veggie burger was decent…the garlic fries were pretty awesome and the peanut butter shake….UH-MAZING. woah did i splurge for lunch today! 🙂 totally worth it.

  • veggie burger
  • garlic fries
  • peanut butter shake
vegan cheeseburger & garlic fries


a friend wanted to try burma superstar so i went for a second night in a row, and you don’t

so so so so good!

have to twist my arm to eat twice at burma! so we all ordered a bunch of random delicious dishes and shared….family style.

vegetarian noodles - my favorite!!!

  • vegetarian noodles
  • rainbow salad
  • coconut rice
  • sumosa soup
  • vegetable curry
my plate ❤

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