march 18, 2011


  • venti soy latte from starbucks

i went to meet a friend for coffee this morning…. i only drank 1/2 of it. why do i always order a large and drink a medium? no more coffee for me. i think my addiction is over. i honestly think it was the action of getting and drinking coffee rather than the need of it….if that makes sense. a habit.


  • crispy tacos
  • soy “chicken” schwarma with side salad
yummy soy protein tacos!!!

i love herbivore. maybe not as much as souley vegan, gracias madre, millenium, cha ya sushi or burma superstar, but herbivore has a place in my vegan heart. the shawarma is something you won’t find anywhere else (well at least anywhere i’ve ever been) and it is something you have to try if you have the chance. the combination of potato, soy chicken, avocado, pickles might sound strange, but it is sooooooooo good! 🙂

soy chicken shawarma!


  • cha ya roll
  • soba noodle salad
  • avocado roll
cha ya roll

for my last supper, i went to cha ya vegetarian. they’ve expanded the berkeley location which is GREAT. we were in a bit of a hurry (had to get to the airport) and the service was quick! when you try this place make sure you order the soba noodle salad. (i 86 the mushrooms) it is the yummiest salad on earth. seriously. this was such a great last supper for me. i know i can get veggie rolls anywhere in new york, but honestly… how many ALL vegetarian sushi joints have you been to? and this salad? nom nom nom. i could eat this salad every day and not get sick of it. super healthy & delicious. i love cha ya vegetarian. ok now i’m depressed because i’ll be back in yonkers with no good food to eat. back to cooking, cleaning & chores. 😦

soba noodle salad


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