march 20, 2011


  • coconut yogurt with granola
  • yogi hot tea

granola / coconut yogurt / hot tea


  • 2 boca burgers on thomas’s everything (THIN) bagels with daiya cheddar and ketchup. (cleaning out the freezer / fridge!)


i went to whole foods tonight to stock up on raw items. the next 20 days i will eat only raw / macrobiotic dishes from ani’s raw food kitchen, raw for 1 or 2 people and the kind diet cookbooks. i felt so great the week i ate raw, and i want to continue on my path to a healthier (and lighter) me. after the 20 days, i’m leaving for florida which will be hard enough (traveling is hard for vegans) so i won’t eat raw while on vacation.

the trip to the dermatologist has already started major progress on my skin. i’m taking antibiotics and a slew of facial products and other than my skin peeling, my face looks pretty great! 🙂

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