march 22, 2011


  • green smoothie (spinach, frozen peaches, banana, hemp milk, acai powder, amazing meal)
  • leftover oatmeal (topped with fresh berries, hemp milk & coconut)


  • love the chicks pate from ani phyo cookbook over spinach salad (tomatoes, sprouts, green onion, carrots)
love the chicks pate over spinach salad


  • squash ‘n onions from the kind diet (this dish was SUPER simple and amazingly delicious!!!)
this dish is FANTASTIC and simple!
  • sundried tomato hummus (FART FREE) using zucchini & tahini instead of beans. recipe from the ani phyo cookbook. so yum!
sundried tomato hummus


  • crispy kale (store bought)


30 minutes on the elliptical. 30 minutes on the treadmill. a few leg machines. 🙂 i’m determined to get fit. 🙂


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