march 25, 2011


  • large dunkin donuts coffee (i added raw sugar &  hemp milk when i got home)

i’m not going to beat myself up. i haven’t  had coffee in a very long while…(sunday brunch the 13th-hey for me that’s a long while!) it’s a special occasion where i’m driving to CT today so i need to be alert…and the past few days i’ve been in zombie mode. so sleepy.


a vegan wrap

  • sunburger wrap
  • fresh carrot / apple juice
i love carrot / apple juice!

my grams and i took a quick trip to CT today…of course i had to research where i could eat before we left the house and i found this little veggie friendly place called bruckner’s. seems like most of their business is delivery / take out… and i probably wouldn’t go back, as they had no vegan side dishes, but they did have fresh juice and a few sammies i could try. at least i got to eat somewhere other than subway!!! 😉


  • tempeh tuna (leftovers from yesterday) i actually heated it up like a tuna casserole and added some frozen daiya cheese and nutritional yeast. it was warm & gooey yummy goodness. i loved it. i needed to calm the raw onion flavor down and tonight i liked it much better than yesterday! served it with a “thin” thomas everything bagel.

very vegan thoughts:

so from 2008-2010 i lived in an all vegan home. my own apartments. i find it super difficult to live any other way. currently i live with my grandmother, whom i have to cook for. and she is FAR from vegan. i have separate plates, cutting boards, sponges, pots and pans… it’s ridiculous. and now as i feel ready to start dating i realize i have to be picky and only date a vegetarian or vegan. how on earth would i date a meat eater at this point?! i will never live with one again…  being single at 31 is hard enough, as it seems everyone is already married (or damaged)…and now to narrow down the singles that are out there to “must be vegetarian”. oy vey. but i know it’s possible. i just need to be in the right city….which is not here. le sigh.


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