march 29, 2011

saturday: the kitchen sink has a leak. i can’t cook (or create more dirty dishes) so no blog. šŸ˜¦ i skipped breakfast & lunch. i took my grams out for japanese for dinner.

sushi dinner!

i love me some veggie rolls. šŸ™‚ after dinner we went to village natural market for some snacks…and attempted to go see kings speech, but the theater was up a flight of stairs (my grams can’t do stairs – she uses a walker). so we came home…i watched movies on netflix and pigged out on my snacks. an ABC cookiepeanut butter filled pretzels… and newman’s fig newtons. šŸ™‚ i hate when i binge, but i think i need a break from eating raw…

sunday: skipped breakfast again. took grams out for pancakes at ihop. it’s weird because i never go to non veg restaurants…it was totally strange. i forget how small the vegan community is.

all i could order at ihop.

watching people eat eggs and bacon and buttermilk pancakes really made me sad. people really don’t think about what they put in their mouths. gross. i had coffee and oj. then i stopped at mrs. greens for a veggie sandwich. i also grabbed two vegan chocolate bars. šŸ™‚


monday: skipped breakfast. (don’t judge! sink still isn’t working!) had a vegan half “chicken” for lunch. if you’ve never tried this product, you are really missing out. it is totally amazing! i haven’t found them in new york, but my friend had them shipped to me! the vegan turkey is absolutely incredible. i cooked two of them in 2009. soooooooooo good. you west coasters need to try it for the holidays! for dinner i had a bowl of couscous topped with daiya, earth balance and nutritional yeast.

tuesday: YAY we have a working sink!!!!


  • green smoothie (spinach, almond milk, acai powder, amazing meal, frozen peaches)


  • bowl of chickpea “tuna” (one can chickpeas, veganaise, relish, s&p)


  • 2 vegetable samosas
  • aloo gobi mutter: cauliflower, peas & potatoes with basmati rice
nom nom nom.

i love indian food. love love love. thank goodness my grandmother doesn’t mind it. šŸ™‚ i’m going food shopping tomorrow. back to cooking. my body is craving warm cooked food.

exercise: i did go to yoga on saturday… my body is STILL sore today. i’ll go back to doing cardio tomorrow.


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