april 01, 2011


  • green smoothie (spinach, rice milk, acai powder, banana, frozen raspberries)


  • leftover lasagna & tempeh balls
  • grande soy mocha at starbucks


  • edamame
  • vegetable roll
  • avocado roll
  • agedashi tofu
  • 2 glasses of pinot grigio
nom nom nom

tonight i met some old high school friends for dinner & drinks in the city. i wasn’t going to make my carnivore friends eat at a pricey vegan joint,

vegetable tempura roll & avocado roll

so i opted for sushi because i knew that would make everyone happy. 🙂 when i ordered i specifically told the waiter i was vegan yet somehow the

agedashi tofu

agedashi tofu STILL made it to the table smelling like fish…. i had to send it back and ask for it with no sauce or fish flakes. i hate being difficult and THAT is why i don’t eat out unless it’s a vegan friendly restaurant. i guess i’ve become spoiled in the last few years living in the bay… not having to think about what to order or what questions to ask. everything was clearly marked on the menus in california. le sigh. how i miss the bay…….. new york aint got NOTHING on the bay area vegan restaurants. san francisco, oakland and berkeley have the BEST vegan restaurants on the planet. </rant>

after dinner drinks:

  • stoli vanilla & gingerale x2


  • 45 minutes of cardio
  • 1 hour yoga class

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