vegans guide to south florida

south florida is a great place to live if you’re vegan. more and more juice bars, indian restaurants and vegan friendly menus are popping up all over the place! here are a few of my favorites.

Sublime  once upon a time sublime was the only vegan restaurant around. i would say a few years ago the food could be compared to the likes of candle 79 or millenium. today….not so much. although the food is good, the menu seems to have changed slightly for the worse. the artichoke croutons which once adorned the caesar salad, are now replaced by boring croutons. the enchiladas were my favorite meal, however the recipe seems to have changed and well, it’s my least favorite entree on the menu.

"steak" sandwich at sublime.

the frito misto is still AMAZING and began my obsession and love for cauliflower. if you ever dine at sublime…please TRY THE FRITO MISTO regardless of how you feel about cauliflower. i promise you won’t be disappointed! the steak sandwich is yummy and who doesn’t love sweet potato fries?

although sublime is no longer my favorite vegan restaurant, it is still a south florida staple in my book. i’ll always go back…

Pollo Tropical anyone who knows me, knows i HATE fast food. i really don’t like fast food, nor do i believe in serving the public pure crap. i mean really, have you taken a road trip cross country? you can find a MCDONALDS at pretty much EVERY exit on any given highway. it’s disgusting. pollo tropical is one of two fast food places that i LOVE. i could eat it every day. 🙂 i’ve compiled a list of vegan friendly items you can indulge in…

  • black beans
  • white rice
  • plantains
  • fried yucca
  • balsamic tomatoes
  • salsa
  • corn
mmmm. cuban fast food - vegan style

Pizza Fusion so i’m a pizza snob. i fell in love with pizza in oakland, california so my standards are quite high when it comes to vegan pizza. i also like to make my own. so pizza fusion is good. i like the thin crust. the toppings aren’t my favorite, nor is the cheese. but the vegan brownies. OH EM GEE. i love pizza fusion just for the vegan brownies. try warming it a bit and topping it with dairy free ice cream. so yummy! so yeah, when i lived in wilton manors, i ordered delivery at least once a week… 🙂 it’s a company i believe in as well. eco-friendly is the way to go!

Royal India so it was my first time trying royal india. what a treat! this place is incredible! and i’m an indian restaurant connoisseur…. i went over the menu with the waitress to make sure she understood i couldn’t have any dairy or meat. the first trip i tried the aloo chloe but the second visit i tried baingan bhartha, an eggplant dish. the kashmiri naan is AMAZING. i ordered it with no butter. so yum! i love indian food!!! my mom & grandma both enjoyed their dishes as well. 🙂 win win. i love indian & japanese when dining with my non-veggie friendly family!

aloo chole

Whole Foods all i have to say is VEGAN DONUTS!!!!!! no seriously. i like the florida version better than the california version. not cakey. more like krispy creams! so yummy! 🙂

best vegan donuts EVER!

Pita Plus so i’ve lived in the bay area and now reside in new york and i have yet to find a pita place that compares to pita plus on stirling road in hollywood. the falafel pita filled with all the sides is my favorite. they fry the falafel separate from all other foods. there is no dairy in this kosher joint. i am ADDICTED to pita plus! nothing fancy – just delicious!

falafel pita and a side of eggplant

i’m missing the food already. i really think i live in the most UN-vegan friendly place in the US. 😦

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