may 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all you breeders out there! 😉

I totally apologize for lack of posts lately. Life has been a tad bit crazy since we got back from Florida. I came home with a plague that ended up getting my grandmother sick…. and now we are both finally starting to feel better. yes, vegans get sick too! i’m happy to report that it was my first cold in 11 months! that’s a record. I was sick ALL THE TIME when I lived in California.

So for Mother’s Day I decided to make a special waffle for my grandma. I picked a waffle recipe from my Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook… I made the Chocolate – Raspberry Cheesecakey Waffles! So freaking yum! Grandma was RAVING about them. I’m sure it’s not the smartest choice for my diabetic grandmother, but she appreciated her Mother’s Day Waffles! 🙂

chocolate-raspberry cheesecakey waffles

So I will try to blog at least every other day about what I’m eating. Maybe not a full breakfast/lunch/dinner blog as I’ve been doing, but more of a “I tried this today and it was delicious”. I am busy working on my Photography Business and need to focus 100% in that direction for now. This blog is just for fun. Work comes first…then fun. 😉


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