may 14, 2011

happy birthday to me!

true story: i grew up in florida. 29 whole years. i traveled to new york at the very least once a year (sometimes 3 times in a year). i’ve lived in new york for almost one year. yet i’ve NEVER explored brooklyn.

so for my 32nd birthday i decided to venture into brooklyn for some vegan yummy goodness. 🙂 and boy was it DELICIOUS.

i walked across the bridge!!

i started at v-spot in park slope. i had some brunch. tofu scramble was delicious. i love the peppers  & broccoli!! also the homefries were soooooo yummy. the tempeh bacon wasn’t so good…and i wasn’t a huge fan of the pancakes, but it was a decent brunch. fresh squeezed oj was AMAZING. 🙂

tofu scramble, home fries, tempeh bacon, whole wheat toast

i walked around and explored park slope and then headed to my friend’s apartment. for dinner we went to FOODSWINGS in williamsburg. oh em geeeeeeeeeee. i’ve died and gone to vegan heaven. there are no words to describe how good this vegan junk food tastes! 😀 oakland needs a foodwings. the only thing to remember is it’s cash only. there is an atm in the restaurant…

my friend and i split the drumstick platter (one country fried, one bbq and one hot sauce) the blue cheese was really yum! we also had corndogs (my favorite thing in the world), creamy mac & cheese and potato skins. i haven’t had potato skins in yearsssssssss. 🙂

potato skins
corndogs were the best!
creamy mac & cheese
nom nom nom. drumsticks were SO good!

foodswings is my new favorite in the nyc area. far from healthy but sometimes  you need some greasy junk food. 🙂 if you haven’t gone to foodswings, what the heck are you waiting for?!?!?!?

for dessert we headed over to NYC to the cake shop. my friend insisted i try the chocolate peanutbutter cake and i also got oreo cake and a pumpkin whoopie pie. oh lordy. i think i inherited diabetes last night. (not funny) sugar overload. seriously. i overdid it! but my birthday is only once a year! 🙂

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