june 01, 2011


  • leftover pizza (recipe link here!)


  • smoothie (rice milk, coconut milk yogurt, amazing meal, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple & frozen banana, gogi berries)
  • hand full of cashews


  • macrobiotic take out: dumplings, noodles and black bean rice mixture (from mrs. greens!)

my grandmother has been in the hospital the past two weeks so i’ve been spending 6-8 hours a day sitting in her hospital room keeping her company. unfortunately i have not been cooking or blogging. so i’m back… it’s a new month. back to my routine of daily cooking, blogging & time at the gym!!! 🙂

on another note: i planted 10 tomato plants in the garden this past week. 🙂 when i get some time, i’ll add some other yummy veggies! yay for vegetable gardens!



5 thoughts on “june 01, 2011

  1. Yay for you being back! But I’m glad you were there for your grandma. Happy cooking/photographing!!!

  2. Your blog gives me so many ideas and inspiration for my own meals. It’s fine that you don’t post every day, but everything you photograph looks so delicious I have to make it myself!

  3. Someone I know on Twitter/FB referred people here, but I don’t remember who. Joseph Jon Lanthier maybe? It could have been anyone; but seeing your pictures really has helped me want to go find more vegan recipes and products. I think a lot of people think vegan/veggie means salads all the time, but I’ve discovered this year that it doesn’t – and your blog has really helped me go more vegan than veggie (it’s hard to give up Swiss cheese!).

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