june 11, 2011


  • green smoothie: rice milk, spinach, gogi berries, amazing meal, acai powder, frozen strawberries & peaches
  • leftover spaghetti and wheatballs


  • berry cobbler (what? i had a big breakfast!) so the recipe called for plums, peaches and pineapple, but i chose fresh blueberries, strawberries and apples. it was delicious and i cut the sugar in half (and used raw sugar instead of white). 🙂 YUM.
mmmmm. recipe: vegan on the cheap


  • refried bean & cornmeal waffles* topped with salsa, sour cream and homemade guacamole.

*the batter was all ready for the waffle iron, but my waffle iron has passed on. 😦 we spent five delicious years together creating yummy vegan waffles…. those days are over. i might bury him in the yard.

we had pancakes instead of waffles...

so i’m in the market for a new waffle iron. i figure if i used it once a week for the past year, i should invest in a new one. i know my waffle iron will never collect dust! 😉 so instead of waffles we had pancakes. i wasn’t sure what else i could do… i guess i could have made them into muffins. ha. these were amazingly delicious. what a wonderful mexican dinner. i found the recipe in my vegan waffle cookbook! i’m a sucker for anything with avocado & cilantro!!! homemade guacamole is the best!


apparently rainy saturdays are meant for pajamas….because i’m still in mine. i walked miyagi….but other than that i didn’t move much today.


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