june 14, 2011


  • chai tea with a splash of rice milk & agave

unfortunately this chai tea did NOT help my coffee craving this morning. i have coffee on the mind… alllllllll day. i’m determined not to give into it…but man…. i could use some liquid sunshine. 😦 i’d have no qualms about indulging if it weren’t for the 1/2 cup of sugar i pour into it. i just don’t like how bitter it is straight black.


  • vegetable cobbler leftovers (topped with daiya cheddar – YUM)

5pm snack:

  • tofutti drumstick (rachel never tried them before so i bought them just so she could taste! she loved em!)

okay so today was not such a great day diet wise. i completely failed my sugar intake but i’ll blame it on my friend rachel coming into town. seriously, it’s all her fault. 😉

me and rachel! love that she's wearing a stephie's stitches headband!

so rachel is vegan like me and she’s a flight attendant that currently lives in chicago. she had an overnight nearby so i scooped her up and convinced her to go into new york city with me for the evening… because she’s never been. i LOVE de-virginizing all of my friends who’ve never been to NYC. so much fun. i love the sparkle in their eyes when they see times square in person for the first time. while rachel and i were walking to the restaurant for dinner we passed the red carpet event for spiderman after dark (totally by accident) and spotted bono & the edge being interviewed. how much fun is that?!?! i wasn’t star struck because i’ve seen U2 in concert before, but it was still a fun slice of new york city life!


  • appetizer: sweet potato rolls (raw)
  • entree: pistachio dusted tofu with root vegetable crepe
  • dessert: cinnamon apple sticks with brandy caramel sauce

oh blossomhow i love thee. our meals were FABULOUS.

sweet potato rolls. (raw)

everything was super tasty. i love michael (our waiter). i believe he’s waited on me 3 times now. i always make him choose what i should order. rachel chose the special which was braised seitan with roasted potatoes, rosemary, green beans with a wine tomato sauce. it was DELICIOUS!

pistachio dusted tofu

my entree was heavenly. i have my issues with tofu and i really try not to order it when i’m out. i make my tofu scrambles maybe once every other week… and i like agadashi tofu when i’m having sushi, but other than that i reallllllllly try to stay away from it. i’m so glad michael made me try it. it was truly a great meal. great flavors, textures and presentation. i absolutely loved it!

i'm a sucker for fruity desserts!

if you are ever in nyc you MUST try blossom.  a few months ago in vegnews i read about blossom opening up a vegan chocolate shop nearby. IT’S ACROSS THE STREET. so at this point… we’ve had the drumstick ice cream cone, the apple sticks dessert & then have the wonderful idea of walking into a vegan chocolate shop. SUGAR OVERLOAD AND I’M IN HEAVEN.

dessert round 3:

  • lemon cupcake with raspberry frosting
  • butterfinger bar
  • peanut butter cup

cocoa vis sinfully delicious. like out of this world. i don’t know how i’m ever going to stay away…….. le sigh.

(L-R) cupcake - butterfinger bar - peanut butter cup

of course we could not try just one thing. i had to try everything. the chick behind the counter was awesome. totally helpful and personable. (unlike the bay area where many times you go into a vegan place & the hipsters are “too cool” to talk to you) the only downside is they accept CASH ONLY so make sure you have at least $20 to splurge on goodies. it is dangerous that i know about cocoa v because now i think i’ll head towards chelsea every time i venture into the city. (and it’s just blocks from B&H – you photo geeks know what i’m speaking of) just dangerous. 😉

so my day was filled with gluttony…. but i haven’t eaten like that since march when i was in the bay. one night every few months won’t kill me. so i’ll do my best to not eat the ice cream cones in my freezer today…. but i do have a cookie recipe i want to try.


  • walked from 42nd to 21st before dinner
  • walked from 21st to 42nd with a stop in victoria secret (semi annual sale – don’t judge!)

*note: i apologize for the iPhone photography… i just couldn’t bring the 5D out in the rain…NOT worth the risk!


4 thoughts on “june 14, 2011

  1. RACHELLL!!! That must be how I ever found you! I LOVE Rachel!!!!! What a surprise to see her picture on your page!

    1. you are very welcome. it was a MUCH needed night out for me. and i’m so happy we got some quality time together. can’t wait till we meet again! put HPN on your schedule girl!!!!!!!! 😉

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