june 16, 2011


  • organic smooth move (herbal laxative tea by traditional medicinals)
laxative tea

thank you rachel for the tea suggestion! it was quite good and hopefully it will help clean out my colon! i have no qualms talking about bowel movements. that’s how i ended up going vegan in the first place. going once a week with the amount of food i inhale…not so healthy. i didn’t want to end up with a colostomy bag on my side, so i changed my diet and now i’m drug free! (the doctor had me on muscle relaxers for my stomach! yikes!) i was diagnosed with IBS many many years ago… then i diagnosed myself as being lactose intolerant. as a vegetarian, i went to the bathroom more frequently than once a week, but every time i ate a meal, my stomach would be in terrible pain. the common denominator was dairy: cottage cheese, yogurt, cheeses, ice cream, milk, you name it i was eating it and it was killing my stomach. that’s when i decided to go vegan. a few months into my vegan diet… i was blessed with kidney stones (please note use of heavy sarcasm). talk about painful. oy. i don’t wish those suckers on ANYONE! ouch! so the month of the three kidney stones i passed i went back to my meat eating ways but felt disgusting so quickly turned back to vegan…and never looked back. 🙂

before exercise snack:

  • 1 (cold) burger patty from last nights supper (protein for my run!)


ran around lake twice. improved my time from 12:something minutes per mile to 11:22 minutes per mile. i need to run early in the morning or evening so i don’t tire out so quick. hmmmmmm. 5am run anyone?


  • handful of blueberries
  • green apple with cashew butter
  • two burger patties on pumpernickel toast with “special sauce” which is really just ketchup, mayo & relish 🙂


peanut avocado roll is my favorite!


  • sweet potato roll
  • vegetable roll (avocado, asparagus & cucumber)
  • avocado peanut roll
yum yum yum yum

grandma and i went out for sushi…well she had a stir fry type dish but *i* had sushi! 😀 what a treat! sometimes i love NOT having to cook. i really wish there were some veggie friendly restaurants around here….

some friends have recommended that i try eating more protein and drinking more water to help with my constant sugar cravings.

great book for exercise enthusiasts !!!

i’m also going to read brendan brazier’s books to see what he has to say about working out and eating vegan. i definitely need to change what i eat for the better. especially now that i’m constantly working out! i just feel like i am not eating as healthy as i should be… so i might adopt his meal plans next week to make sure i’m getting the optimum nutrition for my 10k training!





  • last ice cream cone (tofutti truly yours “drumstick”)
  • one black & white cookie (threw the remaining cookies out – not conducive to my new plan!) 😦

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