june 18, 2011


  • old fashioned rolled oats topped with blueberries, slivered almonds, maple syrup, and gogi berries.

    oatmeal with fruit & nuts


  • medium dunkin donuts coffee black with sugar. (so i had a long drive today and needed some coffee…. at least i ordered a medium and not a large…and with sugar not “extra sugar”….. and i didn’t finish the whole thing!
  • boca burger with lettuce & tomato
  • french fries

i drove my grandma up to fishkill to see her sister-in-law and their meeting spot EVERY TIME is friendlys. oh joy. :/ at least i could eat, although my stomach was upset after that meal! i think they deep fried my boca burger……


so i went to whole foods for ingredients for the thrive diet. i had not had dinner yet so i planned on getting a great big salad from the salad bar. the white plains whole foods always has a great selection of “vegan / oil free” yummy goodness but of course the one night i want a salad, there’s NOTHING. i mean yeah, they had spinach, tomatoes, carrots….

candle cafe dessert & my bamboo travel utensils

but none of the amazing grain salads & wonderful vegan items they normally have. :/ so instead i ventured over to the vegan bakery items and ended up with two yummy desserts. not really what i had in mind for dinner, but i guess i start a real “diet” tomorrow.

i have a travel utensil set for emergency situations such as this. 😉 it beats wasting the plastic utensils that whole foods provides…

today was my day off for exercise since i’ve been working out so hard. my arms are killing me from yoga yesterday so it’s a much needed day off. back to training tomorrow. and i’m looking forward to trying out the thrive diet recipes.

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