june 19, 2011


  • yogi skin detox tea with agave nectar
  • buckwheat blueberry pancakes (from the thrive diet)

so the pancakes were a big FAIL. i’ve made pancakes a million times with no problem, so i’m really confused as to why they weren’t coming out right. i ate what i could salvage, but i might skip the remaining pancake recipes from this book for fear of wasting food! 😦 there’s a recipe for wild rice & yam pancakes that sound really interesting… perhaps i’ll make waffles with the batter instead! 😉


healthy & yummy lunch!
  • raw walnut hemp burger (from thrive diet)
  • salad: mixed baby greens, tomato, yellow & red pepper, carrot, avocado
  • homemade balsamic dressing

lunch was much better than breakfast! the raw hemp burgers were delicious! i added some cooked quinoa to the hemp burgers for an added nutritional boost. 🙂


  • pecan pate (from raw for 1 or 2 people)
  • crudites (yellow/red pepper, celery, carrot)
  • vegetable “cracker” (from thrive diet)
RAWsome dinner!

exercise: i walked the lake at the park today with miyagi… i think i still need a day to recuperate from yoga. sooooo sore. so i got minimal exercise AND some much needed vitamin d.

so now that i’m almost finished reading the thrive diet, i realize it’s MOSTLY a raw diet, which i’ve done…and failed. i don’t believe in eating 100% raw. so i think i’m going to create some new guidelines to my diet. i’ll eat a healthy breakfast, a raw lunch (salad) and a regular cooked vegan dinner. if i have dessert, it will be raw or fruit based. snacks will be trail mix, fruit or smoothies. the thrive diet has some “recovery” puddings & shakes which i might try for after exercise. i know for my own well being that i need a warm, home cooked meal for dinner most nights.

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