june 24, 2011


  • large dunkin donuts coffee (black with sugar)
since i’ve been super lethargic / sad / unmotivated the past week, i decided to just give into my coffee cravings. coffee is liquid happiness for me. i didn’t order “extra sugar” like i normally do…and i was eco-friendly by using my own coffee mug. 😀


  • yoga 1.5 hours 😀 felt good to move my body!


  • leftover bbq tempeh
  • leftover curry


  • pasta de los angeles from appetite for reduction
pasta de los angeles - appetite for reduction
this pasta was super easy to make. i enjoyed it…. my grams doesn’t like pasta if it’s not smothered in red sauce so her complaint was “not enough tomato sauce” but what does she know…she’s a meat eater. ;P


  • apple slices with raw cashew butter

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