june 25, 2011

very berry pancakes!


  • pancakes with fresh raspberries from the garden topped with blueberries and real maple syrup
what better way is there to start a saturday with fresh berry pancakes. i used the regular old pancake recipe from vegan brunch (another isa chandra moskowitz cookbook)


  • au bon pain mediterranean wrap (no feta or olives)
  • lemonade / peach ice tea mixture
  • venti soy mocha latte
lunch at the mall food court!


  • crostini appetizer which had tomato, zucchini, daiya cheese and soy beschemel on gluten free bread
  • asparagi pizza – veggie sausage, asparagus, cherry tomato sauce and daiya cheese
  • pumpkin cake for dessert

i made reservations at pala because they had a separate vegan menu and when i eat with meat eaters…. it’s just easier this way! 🙂 my friends even admitted my vegan pizza was tastier than there regular pizza smothered in ricotta cheese! yay for vegan pizza. it was really yummy! we walked off our dinner by walking the brooklyn bridge! 😀


  • cranberry vodka (drank 1/2)
  • absolut vanilla with gingerale x2
definitely a cheap date these days!!! i can’t hang anymore. i think that’s a good thing. 😉

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