june 26, 2011


  • leftover spaghetti (pasta de los angeles)
  • a few apple slices


cheesecakey waffles!

i adore sundays with grandma. i love having traditions. i didn’t really grow up with too many family traditions… so sundays are a treat. maybe i’ll continue to have waffles (or pancakes) every sunday forever and ever. 😀 it’s fun. these waffles were amazing. i made the chocolate version a few months ago, but i actually prefer these! really truly delicious!


  • chipotle lentil burger
  • omg baked onion rings
tonight i cooked two recipes that caught my attention the first time i flipped through appetite for reduction… i finally broke down and tried them! the omg baked onion rings were DELICIOUS!!! love em. the chipotle lentil burgers were a bit too spicy for my liking, but i’m a big WIMP when it comes to spice. i’m a “mild” kinda girl. i did like the flavor, consistency and ease of the recipe, but next time i make them i’ll probably cut way down on the chipotle peppers. 
  • ABC cookie – double chocolate chip nom nom nommy!
i plan on getting back into my training groove tomorrow. today i was a tad bit hungover and sleepy from my fun night out last night… so i refrained from exercise of any kind. tomorrow i will run the lake 4 times. that’s my goal. if the weather doesn’t cooperate, i’ll be hitting the gym for a 2 hour workout. 😀

One thought on “june 26, 2011

  1. I also think the chipotle burgers are way too spicy, I might even take the chipotles out all together the next time I make them. I’ve been looking forward to trying the OMG Onion rings!!

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