june 28, 2011


  • venti soy mocha from starbucks
  • leftover chipotle lentil burger on rye with ketchup and mayo
  • chocolate cake donut 😀
  • white pizza with fresh tomatoes 
i could seriously eat the entire pizza in one sitting. but the cold leftovers are so amazing i have to save some for breakfast! 😀 mom and grandma liked their olive / mushroom combination (ew. i HATE mushrooms & olives!) gross!
this one is all mine!
pizza pizza
  • bottle of tequila and ??????
that’s right people i’m going OUT tonight! well first watching the voice and then getting into some trouble with my good pal jen-nay! can’t wait. i’m always kind of uptight and stressed with my current “job” so it will be nice to go out and not worrying about not being home! 😀 woohoo! oh and ps- VOTE FOR BEVERLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “june 28, 2011

    1. hmmm. i know the white chocolate does…and the pumpkin (which almost ruined my life) but i was told the chocolate DID NOT have dairy in it…. it’s also on my Vegan Xpress app (iPhone) that it’s vegan. i don’t order lattes very often… i guess i’ll just stop the starbucks… and only get the soy frap or the regular latte. i’m more of a dunkin donuts coffee kinda girl anyway. thanks for the advice! 🙂

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