july 05, 2011

so i met a friend in brooklyn for dinner and we chose dao palate due to the proximity and great reviews on yelp. this was her first vegan restaurant experience so i was a bit nervous taking her somewhere i’ve never been… when i “checked in” on foursquare, i was awarded some ellen badge for hanging out at places that ellen loves. i knew at that point i made the right decision! 😉

we started with the baked eggplant appetizer which was PHENOMENAL. so delicious. covered in a miso glaze. i can’t even describe it but i will never forget it.

i ordered the soy cutlet platter that had black bean sauce, tomatoes, onions, broccoli…. seriously amazing. the dish came out sizzling like fajitas which made the entire experience even better. i love sizzling plates! 🙂

i didn’t bring my camera & was preoccupied with catching up with my pal, so there are no photos to share, but trust me when i say YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE! i’m starting to like brooklyn’s vegan restaurants a lot more than manhatten’s…… i will definitely be back to dao palate. 😀

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