july 07, 2011

welcome to chicago!

cibo express

my airport dinner

when i got into o’hare i had to wait for my friend rachel for a few hours to arrive from her flight (she’s a flight attendant)…. so i found a cibo express (the one in jfk is so much better, but i’ll take it). so my lunch/dinner consisted of a vegan chicken salad sandwich (score!), pita chips and some coconut water. i love that major airports are so vegan friendly now. great way to start of my vacation! happy belly.

logan bar & grill

this is a local bar near rachel’s place that has a few items that can be prepared vegan. we ordered the bean dip (86 sour cream) to munch on while we sipped our cocktails. i think my favorite part of the evening was discovering the southern belle. SWEET TEA VODKA rocks my world. i might never drink vanilla vodka again. sweet tea vodka and lemonade is my new favorite beverage.

bean dip (minus the sour cream!)

 so if you want to take me out and buy me a drink (i’m a cheap date too…) this is what you should order. oh em gee. the place itself is adorable. high wooden beams, green foliage and a patio make it super down to earth. i would not go back for dinner per say, but definitely a great cocktails & appetizer kinda place! 😀











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