july 08, 2011

the chicago diner

if you are vegan and you visit (or live) in chicago… you MUST go here at least once. the shakes alone are worth the visit. the food is somewhat healthy for a diner. i loved everything i tried and i’m now a HUGE fan. it’s a good thing i don’t live nearby because i could see myself eating here on a regular basis…. and gaining 100 pounds from the delicious shakes & desserts!

vegan mecca of diners

so it’s friday morning-ish and i want brunch. the chicago diner serves breakfast until 3:00…. EVERYDAY. not just saturdays & sundays. this place is amazing. we ordered the titanic blt burger + a biscuits and gravy concoction to share. oh and can’t forget about the peanut butter cookie dough shake. i’m in love. seriously. ((with the food, not the hot tattooed waiter with the awesome chops… although i could probably love him too. *swoon*)) everything was delicious.

Titanic BLT burger with Mac & Cheese

i wasn’t crazy about the mac & cheese side that we ordered with the burger, but everything else was perfect! well almost perfect. the biscuits & gravy were great, but way too salty. i think someone is heavy handed with the salt on all of their gravies. i’ll have to remember that when i’m trying the recipes from their cookbook. of course i brought it home with me, would you expect anything different?!?!

biscuits & gravy with tofu scramble & potatoes

all of the servers were super friendly and helpful… rachel scared our first waiter away… so we had a new waitress and she was pretty awesome!

sharing a peanut butter cookie dough shake!

so this was the end of our eating for the rest of the day. we talked about dinner but never ended up having any…. we were too involved in our 2 bottles of prosecco & then our sweet tea vodka drinks the remainder of the night. oh yeah… it was one of THOSE nights. way too much alcohol and SO. MUCH. FUN.

best vegan shake EVER.


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