july 09, 2011


rachel tells me she’s taking me to handlebars… which is pescatarian joint (rolling my eyes) and totally judged the place before we walked in the door. but then i saw the menu and changed my mind. and after tasting our meals… woah. i forget sometimes that just because a restaurant serves animal, it doesn’t mean they suck. the food was GOOD. and they have a variety of vegan choices. all is good in my world again. ๐Ÿ˜€

so i have a slight obsession with fried pickles. i saw they were on the menu…. i’m a bit drunk (or starting to get a hangover) so i decide i MUST HAVE these fried pickles. wowzers. they were SO good. spicy fried deliciousness.

fried pickle appetizer

i know it seems strange to order an appetizer before brunch, but i HAD to try them and i’m so glad i did. ๐Ÿ˜€

biscuits and gravy

i like white gravy with my biscuits…. but let me tell you something. this meal was outrageous. i LOVED it. who knew that chicago… way up in the midwest would have *vegan* biscuits and gravy at every restaurant?!?!? people in new york act like they’ve never heard of it. i thought it was a deep south -florida -georgia -alabama -carolinas kinda thing. but no. chicago does biscuits and gravy just as good as the south. AND VEGAN. ๐Ÿ˜€

vegan breakfast burrito

when i think “breakfast burrito” i think of gooey burrito with shredded delicious ingredients inside. this breakfast burrito was very different. healthy burrito if you will. it was good, just not what i was expecting. it was more wrap like. we washed our yummy breakfast down with some fresh squeezed oj. yum. great way to soak up all that sweet tea vodka in our systems. we might still be drunk actually……..

bleeding heart bakery

walking up to this place i knew i already loved it. look at the cool exterior!! then you walk inside… and colorgasm. so much fun stuff to look at. bright beautiful and full of tasty treats. the tables are in the shape of cupcakes. the walls are painted my favorite color of green and the light fixtures are very large whisks. FUN.

fun fun fun!

rachel insisted on the cake balls, but the only vegan versions were way too chocolatey for me. i wanted a berry concoction, but it wasn’t vegan. i ordered the raspberry bar, smores brownie and a berry cheesecake. i only tried the raspberry bar while we were there… the others i brought along for later. i didn’t buy their cookbook because it wasn’t all vegan. the shop was adorable and everything i tried was yummy. it’s very important to have a vegan bakery nearby. i’m starting to like chicago. a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€

the chicago diner

radical reuben + sweet potato fries

don’t judge me. you KNOW i LOVE food. i love to eat. i love to take pictures of my food. and i like to talk about it. it’s my last night in chicago. i MUST have some more yumminess at chicago diner.

country fried "steak" with veggies

ย plus we didn’t try any of their desserts. so the plan was to try two entrees and take home dessert (and skip the shakes – meh). we ordered the country fried steak dinner and the radical reuben sandwich with sweet potato fries. everything was on point. my last supper was amazing. we also ordered the pineapple coconut cake & the peanut butter cup to take home with us. we ate them while watching a movie. they were both super yummy. the cake was moist and delicious. LOVED the frosting. the peanut butter cup might have been the best thing i’ve ever tasted. ever. i LOVE peanut butter but this… it was ridiculously good. one thing is for sure…. chicago diner needs to open up a new york diner in brooklyn. true story. i’ll be back chicago…. you’ve won me over with your delicious vegan cuisine (which i barely scratched the surface… there are plenty of other vegan eateries that i didn’t get a chance to check out!)…. and your bean is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. i can’t wait to come back and explore some more!

the bean @ millenium park

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