july 16, 2011


  • leftover tofu scramble
  • large dunkin donuts coffee (black with sugar)
leftovers for breakfast!


today i didn’t eat lunch. we had a family gathering / bon voyage party for my cousin who is moving from boston to la. they brought sandwiches, salad, chips & cherries. i could have had salad, but i really wan’t very hungry. i did have a large glass of santa cruz strawberry lemonade. it was super hot outside! lemonade is like my hot cocoa in the winter. lemonade and summer just go together ya know?

dinner salad


  • dinner salad: leftover iceberg lettuce (yuck), tomatoes, frozen (but thawed) peas, red bell pepper, sunflower seeds, chickpeas and ginger dressing
i really really can’t describe how much i DO NOT like iceberg lettuce. however, that is what the family brought for lunch and i don’t like letting food go to waste… so iceberg lettuce is what i shall eat! 😦 i doctored it up a bit to make it healthy. 😀
  • divvies chocolate chip cookies
  • wild tea vodka + organic lemonade
the divvies cookies are pretty darn good for not being homemade! i saw them at whole foods and decided i had to try them. 🙂 and of course i couldn’t have just one…. i ate the whole package!
i knowwwwwwwww i promised yesterday that i would cook today… wasn’t expecting the family to be over alllllll day. one hour turned into four hours. oh well. there’s always tomorrow. 😉

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