july 17, 2011


  • tofu scramble: tofu, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, tumeric, salt, tofurky breakfast sausage, daiya cheddar shreds
  • french press coffee (black with sugar)


happy waffle sunday!
  • buckwheat waffles from vegan brunch cookbook
  • topped with bananas and blueberries
  • gimme lean sausage


  • iceberg dinner salad with red bell pepper, chickpeas & ginger dressing
  • summer squash “burgers”
  • green beans (from a can…low sodium)
dinner salad - zucchini burgers - green beans

the zucchini burgers were from the new vegan burger cookbook I got last week. they were very similar to potato pancakes but with zucchini instead of potatoes. fried zucchini patties is more like it. they were okay. nothing spectacular. i probably won’t make them again.

i know i keep promising a more exciting day cooking wise… well my friends, tomorrow morning i’m BAKING *gasp*. that’s right. i owe a friend some baked goods….  😉 and dinner will also be exciting.


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