july 18, 2011

i promised a friend some baked goodies for his dental office… and well i try to never break a promise. so this morning i got up extra early and whipped up some lemon poppy seed muffins from the vegan brunch cookbook. these are definitely my go to muffins! super easy and oh so yummy. lemon poppy anything makes me happy!

lemon poppy muffins


  • iced coffee (leftover french press coffee from yesterday)
  • one lemon poppy muffin


  • leftover tofu scramble

i had the pleasure of having lunch with my best good pal rachel today via skype. i love the internet! it was nice to sit and eat together even though we are in different cities! 😀


  • 2 boca burgers
  • 2 leftover summer squash burgers

it is entirely too hot to cook in my kitchen. i miss having central a/c so much.  i had so many fun recipes to try this week, but the heat is making the kitchen miserable!


  • 40 minutes cardio (i left my headphones at home by accident)

after gym snack:

  • peanut macro bar

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