july 25, 2011


  • one cup french press coffee


  • tempeh (not tuna) salad sandwich on pumpernickel bread
ingredients for the tempeh salad

this was something i’ve been wanting to try. when i first went vegan i HATED tempeh. i thought it was really gross. now i’m really starting to love it. more so than seitan *gasp*. so today i tried making tempeh salad (like chickpea salad but using tempeh instead of chickpeas).

tempeh salad recipe

  • one carrot (peeled & shredded)
  • two stalks celery (minced or chopped)
  • kosher relish (i make sure there is no sugar in mine)
  • yellow onion (minced)
  • vegan mayo
  • tumeric, salt, white pepper
  • one package tempeh
open face tempeh salad sandwich

first i steamed the tempeh. if you don’t do this, you might like tempeh as much as i did at first *yuck*. steaming it tones down the bitter taste. i let the tempeh steam for about ten minutes. i added the other ingredients to a mixing bowl. when the tempeh was finished, i set it out on the counter to cool for about ten minutes. then i chopped & crumbled it into the bowl with the other ingredients. mix it up and serve as a sandwich, with crudites or just eat it right out of the bowl! i served mine open face on pumpernickel bread. πŸ™‚


  • can of lesuer peas (with earth balance, parma white pepper, salt & daiya mozzarella)
  • panera mediterranian sandwich (86 cheese & dairy!)
  • bag of potato chips


  • tofutti yours truly “drumstick”

i swear the box was talking to me as i walked past it in the grocery store. it looked lonely so i took it home with me. don’t judge me.


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