july 30, 2011


  • green smoothie: rice milk, spinach, frozen: strawberries, 1/2 banana, pineapple, acai powder, amazing meal, gogi berries, agave nectar


  • leftover trifecta burger on bagel thin with ketchup & daiya mozzarella

i really love this burger. grandma thought it was super yummy too. 😀


  • stacey’s everything bagel chips


dinner is served. finally.

now i’ll be honest…. i spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen. i had to roast butternut squash… cook green lentils & millet… saute veggies… and then bake all the ingredients in loaf form for 45 minutes. anyone in new york? it’s hot. do i have a/c? no. i’m EXHAUSTED from being in my 90 degree kitchen with my oven on 375. no bueno. </rant>

so the lentil loaf… a lot of work, but SUPER yummy. lot’s of clean up. very labor intensive. but oh it was good. 😀 i couldn’t deal with the gluten free gravy recipe from the book so i opted for my go to gravy recipe from veg web. super easy and pretty delicious. i use it for every holiday!

i ended up having a second helping of dinner. i am hoping to not eat anything at the movies tonight. maybe i’ll bring some raw trail mix in my purse. 🙂


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