august 01, 2011


  • french press of coffee


  • venti soy coffee frappuccino (bad idea)
  • leftover lentil loaf smothered in daiya cheddar & gravy

i like to eat my leftovers within two days…. generally after two days i throw them out. i don’t think prepared food keeps much longer than that. after doing some research, i found that 4 days is the recommended “eat by” date for leftovers. i’m a weirdo about expiration dates and leftover food. i just don’t trust it, and i’d prefer not to experience food poisoning….


  • leftover seitanic stuffer topped with daiya cheddar & organic ketchup – hard and not so yummy as leftovers. i don’t recommend eating these the day after! 😦

i had a late lunch today… so i ate dinner after the gym which was good… i worked out harder than normal! maybe i’ll make that my new routine.

speaking of new routines, i took a tour of a new gym since i am completely dissatisfied with my current gym (bally’s). i am pleased to announce i will be a member at equinox. woo hoo! i figure i’m not paying for health insurance so this WILL be my health insurance. it’s a bit of a drive (where bally’s is just up the street) but i think in the long run it will be worth it. equinox is amazing. the facility is spotless. the equipment is brand spanking new & the staff seems super friendly and helpful. a completely different experience from bally’s. i asked the front desk last night how to go about cancelling my account and they made no effort to keep my business or find out why i was unhappy. can’t wait to start cycle classes at equinox! woo hoo. so tomorrow will be DAY 01 of my new exercise routine / healthier diet. i’m going to make a serious effort to cut down on sugar & white flour. and maybe less coffee??? i have my FAVORITE pair of jeans (which no longer fit me) hanging up in my room for motivation. i want to fit back into my clothes…. operation get fit!



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