top 10 must have vegan cookbooks… from the vegan cookbook hoarder.

so i’m a vegan cookbook hoarder as most of you know. if i see a vegan cookbook i buy it. (i first flip through to make sure there aren’t 1,000,000 mushroom, olive or fennel ingredients listed… gross!) i’ve always been a collector of things. i use to collect care bears, trolls, camel matches, pewter fairies, tori amos everything… now the obsession is vegan cookbooks. (i also currently have a pretty nice jar collection…) so i’ve compiled a top ten list of my all time favorite cookbooks. *i just became an amazon associate… so if you choose to buy the cookbook (via the link i provided), i might make a few cents…. just sayin. 😉 here’s a link to my amazon store! happy cookbook shopping!

  1.  vegan planet by robin robertson. maybe it’s because it was my FIRST vegan cookbook. this one holds a place in my vegan heart. recipes i love: sweet potato black bean enchiladas, peanut burger wraps, west coast chili and banana split tea bread. YUM. there are over 400 recipes in this book…. i have yet to try them all.
  2. appetite for reduction by isa chandra moskowitz. this cookbook hasn’t failed me yet. everything i try i pretty much love and want to eat again. LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. omg onion rings, chipotle lentil burgers, chickpea piccata, butternut coconut rice…. the recipes go on and on and on. AMAZING. you must have this cookbook if you don’t already.
  3. the vegan table by colleen patrick-goudreau. her recipes require a lot of work, but the outcome is TOTALLY worth the effort. these are dishes i make when i have friends coming over. her split pea soup recipe is delicious, as is the peanut butter and jelly cookies, mushroom pecan burgers and the butternut squash timbales are my ALL TIME FAVORITE. wowzers! i’m getting hungry now!
  4. vegan yum yum by lauren ulm. first she had this blog… and then the book… and now ??? she’s disappeared. she NEEDS to write another cookbook because her recipes freaking rock. no lie. another “worth the effort” type cookbook. not for the lazy vegan. the country fried seitan is to die for. the corn fritters are YUM. and the red & white cauliflower bake… it’s life changing. it made me a cauliflower lover.
  5. color me vegan by colleen patrick-goudreau. first of all i LOVE the layout… recipes are by color. i love that. she explains what nutrients / vitamins are important from each color in the fruit & vegetable world. my favorite recipes: carrot fries, apricot red lentil stew, and the chocolate cherry cookies. there are SO many other recipes i need to try!
  6. vegan brunch – isa chandra moskowitz. man. this book makes me want to eat brunch for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. best recipe ever: lemon poppy seed muffins. i want isa to adopt me so i can eat her vegan yums all 24/7.
  7. the kind diet by alicia silverstone. so i don’t use this as a cookbook very often, although i LOVE many of the recipes. i re-read the first few chapters to remind myself WHY i need to eliminate sugar. *my biggest vice* everyone needs to read this book. alicia is brilliant.
  8. raw made easy for one or two people by jennifer cornbleet. i like incorporating raw into my diet every now and again. summer is the perfect time for this. this book is so simple. there isn’t any special equipment (other than a blender or food processor) and the recipes are pretty delicious. i love her pates. super yummy and healthy.
  9. ani’s raw food kitchen by ani phyo. ani’s recipes many times require a lot of prep work. the resulting raw meal is always on point. so delicious and healthy. you do need a dehydrator though…. and a lot of her recipes are wallet draining. it’s still one of my favorite cookbooks though…. but you could go broke eating raw!
  10. babycakes the mecca of vegan bakeries. have you been there? have you tried the biscuits with cream and strawberries? it will change your life. you HAVE to go there and try it. TRUST ME. this cookbook is amazing and i love it. the second book is just as good…with an entire chapter dedicated to vegan DONUTS. hell yeah. 😀 i love babycakes always and forever.

so i hope my top 10 list was insightful for you. if i had to shrink my collection down to ten… these would be my 10 keepers.


2 thoughts on “top 10 must have vegan cookbooks… from the vegan cookbook hoarder.

  1. I just spent the entire morning going through all 53 pages of the Vegan Yum Yum blog, and marking the recipes I want to keep… I wonder what happened to her?? She’s completely disappeared from the entire internet. It’s sad and sort of worrisome.
    But you have a great cookbook list! I’ve made note of the ones I need, but you really should give the Veganomicon some more attention… I’ve loved everything I’ve made so far!!

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