august 02, 2011


  • banana
  • green apple
  • chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie. (1 frozen banana, rice milk, tbs natural peanut butter, 2 tbs raw cacao powder)


east coast chili

i decided to go back to my vegan roots and try some recipes from vegan planet… my FIRST vegan cookbook…. circa 2007. her recipes are all super easy & delicious! so grandma LOVED the chili. (i used real cheese for her bowl… no sense wasting my daiya on non vegans!)


  • chili taco salad (vegan planet cookbook)

in an attempt to use up the chili from lunch, i made chili taco salad for dinner. basically using shredded lettuce, red bell pepper, avocado, cold leftover chili, vegan sour cream (mixed with salsa) and daiya cheddar shreds. super yum!!!!!! another hit with grandma which is always good!

today’s weekly weigh in:   154 lbs.

exercise:  30 minutes on elliptical / 15 minutes treadmill —- since i just signed up at equinox TODAY, i didn’t want to overdo it with exercise since i’m meeting with a trainer tomorrow for an evaluation. i’m hoping they take my measurements because i’d like to see the progress of weight loss with my new routine. maybe i’ll do one of those very unflattering “before and after” type fitness shots for motivation. so excited to try spinning classes, different dance classes and yoga! i’m so so so so so so so happy with my decision to join at equinox. mmmm. eucalyptus. 😉

after gym snack:

  • another peanut butter / cacao / banana smoothie (see breakfast)
  • green apple with natural peanut butter

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