august 04, 2011


  • french press of coffee


lunch at panera bread
  • mediterranean veggie sandwich (86 feta)
  • pickle
  • bag of baked chips
  • 1/2 an apple

i ended up driving to fishkill to take my grams to walmart… we had lunch at panera bread. (yum).

mediterranean sandwich (minus feta)


  • leftover sweet potato peanut stew


  • gogi berry trail mix (raw)


  • 30 minutes walking treadmill
  • one hour dance class

man…. it has been SEVENTEEN (17) YEARS since i took a dance class. OH EM GEE am i getting old! i danced from age 4 to age 15 or maybe 16 and then i quit. i always wished i had continued on… but then i wouldn’t have had time for yearbook and newspaper (photography). so the class was great, but i felt clumsy and unable to keep up with the routine… i was fine at a slow pace, but once the music started i was lost. oy! the instructor made me agree to come back. so now i’ll be going to dance class every tuesday and thursday evening! 🙂 hopefully i’ll get the hang of it….

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