august 09, 2011


  • french press of coffee


  • leftover curried lentils with brown rice


  • brown rice with nutritional yeast, earth balance & daiya cheddar


  • primal jerky
  • banana soft serve (2 frozen banana, fresh strawberries & pineapple)
bananas are good for sore muscles. or so i've heard.

so i am in agonizing pain. my quadriceps hurt SO bad. i can barely sit, stand or walk. OUCH. 😦 i’m a weirdo with anything medicine wise. i can’t swallow pills to save my life… so i suffer through pain all.the.time. i feel like i got hit by a bus. i’ve hardly been hungry today and didn’t feel like doing anything… but somehow managed to pull weeds for an hour (while getting eaten alive by something!), finish 3 loads of laundry, prepared 3 meals, ran a million errands and caught up on some tv (while crocheting). all i know is my legs are KILLING ME. i laughed when my reminder to go to DANCE at 7:30 popped up. PFFFFFT. i’ll be lucky if i can get to the gym and do cardio tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “august 09, 2011

  1. Turmeric is also really great for sore muscles. Try icing your quads after you work out next time or wherever is sore, I promise it will help. That or ice baths!

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