august 16, 2011


  • large dunkin donuts coffee (black w/ sugar)


cauliflower / sweet potato soup
  • cauliflower & sweet potato soup (get healthy go vegan by neal barnard)
  • green smoothie: spinach, fortified rice milk, frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana, amazing meal, flax meal, agave nectar, peeled+chopped green apple…)

so my grandmother had her top teeth removed yesterday… so she is on a liquid / soft diet this week. i had picked out a few fun soup recipes to try & bought an immersion blender for the occasion. not sure why i waited this long for the immersion blender. the thing is amazing! so much easier / cleaner than using the food processor / blender to puree soup!!! 😀  the cauliflower / sweet potato soup was a hit with grandma and i really enjoyed it as well. she also LOVED the smoothie!


marinated tempeh with pineapple mango salsa

another outstanding dinner! i’m falling for tempeh big time! i can’t get enough of it!!!! i wouldn’t really call it a burger because i didn’t eat it with a bun. the tempeh was marinated and sauteed and i topped it with the delicious pineapple salsa. yum!


  • peanut butter chocolate banana shake

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i love my ever changing taste buds. always learning to like things i was once repulsed by. can you believe as a kid i wouldn’t eat strawberries, pizza, soda, beans, chocolate cake or ice cream…. the list is very long. i was a super picky eater. i guess i still am but by choice (no meat / no dairy / no animal). today i discovered i like mango. i grew up in south florida with access to TWO mango trees… and the sight of mangos repulsed me. my mom would eat them on yogurt or ice cream or something and it made me want to vomit. the pineapple salsa recipe called for a mango, and i thought i’d give it another shot. so i bought a mango, added it to the salsa and LOVED it. even tried some mango on it’s own. YUM. i still have a very long list of “will not go near my mouth” foods… i’m hoping the list gets smaller and smaller. still grossed out by: mushrooms (*gasp* i know… how does a vegan NOT like mushrooms????), olives, cantaloup, honeydew, black licorice, beets…… someday maybe i’ll learn to like them. or not. 😉


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