august 17, 2011


  • french press coffee (rice milk / sugar)


lemony asparagus soup!
  • cream of asparagus soup (get healthy, go vegan cookbook)
  • tempeh (not tuna) salad in whole wheat wrap
  • green smoothie: spinach, amazing meal, 1/2 frozen banana, enriched rice milk, frozen peaches, agave nectar, flax meal


  • sushi: green peace roll, 2-avocado peanut rolls & a sweet potato tempura roll

i couldn’t decide what i wanted to make for dinner. i’ve been craving sushi all week, so sushi it is. and i didn’t even have to leave my house! i love wild ginger!!!! (and i love that they deliver!!!)


  • popcorn (popped in olive oil) with nutritional yeast & garlic powder

2 thoughts on “august 17, 2011

  1. Mmmm! Where are you getting your smoothie recipes from? I’ve been wanting to start making them more regularly as meals, and figure I can make them up as I go, but others recipes are always fun to get ideas from!

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