august 19, 2011


  • french press coffee (vegan sugar)
  • quinoa topped with tempeh sloppy joe leftovers


  • quesadilla with refried black beans, green onions, daiya cheddar cheese, red peppers

i had some really pretty pictures of the quesadilla but apparently i thought i had already uploaded them to my computer (i didn’t because there was a thunderstorm )and so i deleted all of them from my memory card. big *DOH* moment for me. first time i think i’ve ever done that! oh welllllllll. no pretty picture.

before gym snack:

  • green smoothie: rice milk, spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen banana, fresh pineapple, amazing meal, flax meal


quick dinner after the gym
  • vegan turkey salad on bagel (store bought)
  • 2 primal jerky strip (went to mrs. greens tonight!)
  • macro bar (granola with coconut)

and yes, you read right! i went to the gym! first time back since my crazy workout that left me sore for over a week! i’m going to start going daily again starting monday. true story. 😀

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