august 20, 2011


  • large dunkin donuts coffee (black with sugar)
  • piece of whole wheat sourdough bread


green smoothie ingredients
  • green smoothie: spinach, enriched rice milk, frozen strawberries, frozen berry mix, frozen peaches, fresh pineapple, amazing meal, flax meal
  • carrot ginger soup (the vegan table cookbook)
  • peach and pecan muffins (the vegan table cookbook)
ginger carrot soup
peach + pecan muffins. yummmmmm!


bacon chicken cheddar sandwich!
  • bacon cheddar chicken ranch (sandwich @ terri in nyc)
  • butterfinger milkshake
mmmmmmmmmm. butterfinger milkshake!

so tonight i ventured into nyc to meet up with some friends… i brought my book (currently reading: the help) and ate dinner solo at terri. it’s a great sammie / smoothie cafe in chelsea. nothing fancy…. food is good “milk”shakes are AMAZING. đŸ˜€


  • butterfinger candy bar (@ cocoa v in nyc)

after my dinner i walked over to cocoa v and got the butterfinger bar to take home. i really wanted a cupcake, but i was too full and didn’t think a cupcake would fare well in my purse! the butterfinger is to die for. seriously. you MUST try cocoa v.

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