august 23, 2011


  • 2 pluots (aka dinosaur eggs)
  • breakfast panini

can you say panini party in muh belly!?!??! i woke up feeling under the weather (girl problems)…. and was craving sweets & carbs (surprise surprise!) so i decided to make myself a big yummy breakfast! super easy to make!

mmmm. breakfast panini

breakfast panini recipe

  • thick sliced bread (2 slices)
  • ripe banana
  • vegan chocolate chips
  • organic nut butter
  • canola spray (oil)

heat your panini grill and lightly spray with oil. slice the banana into thin strips. spread the nut butter (i used organic peanut butter) on one side of each bread slice. layer the banana and sprinkle with chocolate chips. place on panini grill and press. cook until heated through about 5 minutes.

seriously this was such a yummy breakfast and a great way to start my day!


chickpea melt
  • chickpea melt

i didn’t feel like pulling out the panini grill again, so i just took 2 slices of bread (buttered with earth balance) and heated on a saute pan with daiya mozzarella shreds until melted. then i added the chickpea salad.

seriously so YUM!!! i’m having a really good food day today! 😀


macaroni with cashew cheese

this is seriously yum. to continue my no carb left behind diet today, i made the ultimate comfort food. mac and “cheese”. today i tried cashew cheese. wow. super delicious! and fairly easy (other than the plethora of dishes i had to scrub) so happy to have leftovers! for some reason (never did figure this part out) the dish tasted a bit sweet. i used original rice milk (not vanilla) – that was the only thing i thought might cause sweetness. none of the other ingredients were sweet. hmmmmm.


  • bag of swedish fish

i will need to visit the gym tomorrow. i overate for sure today!!!!!! i guess we all deserve our cheat days! 😀 today was definitely mine.


2 thoughts on “august 23, 2011

  1. Did the recipe call for miso?? I find sometimes when I make the nut cheese with miso it comes out sweet! Some misos are sweeter than others, I’ve tried it twice and one was more sweet! Check it out!

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