august 25, 2011


  • whole wheat chocolate chip donuts
  • french press coffee


  • leftover macaroni and cashew cheese
  • borscht (beet soup) (the vegan table)

i ate the mac and cheese… i made the borscht for grandma! she’s ukranian and grew up eating it (along with pierogies, potato pancakes and kielbasi). the beet soup was a hit. 🙂 i don’t share her love of beets. i think they taste like dirt. i think the soup tastes like dirt. gross.


  • leftover tempeh scramble

nothing exciting today… and i most likely won’t have time to post for the next few days as i have to prepare the yard and house for a hurricane this weekend. fun fun fun. so everything i make will most likely be quick and easy. i might even go to whole foods tonight to stock up on some non-perishables. oy. didn’t i leave florida to escape the hurricanes?!?!??!?! sheesh!



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